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On 30 August 2022, Yayasan MENDAKI and SPH Media signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a one-stop educational resource microsite for young parents and students in the Malay/Muslim community.

Through this initiative, the community will be able to access free educational multimedia content and resources in one platform, such as exam papers, activity sheets, parenting and education tips as well as inspiring stories of parents and students' journey on lifelong learning.


Empowering parents as the child's first teacher

Building a strong foundation from young will set your child to learn for life! Find out how you can be your child's first teacher, nurturer and partner through exclusive articles and resources on parenting and ensuring your child's well-being. Start today!

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Grow to be their best

As your child's partner, parents continue to play an important role to prepare your child and achieve their aspiration. Find out how to guide and support your child to achieve their aspiration through stories, tips and resources. Together, we can help your child grow their best!

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Resilient and future ready students

Our youth will hold the key to creating a better future.

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